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If the attack hit with one die, the last digit of the die that missed is added to the weapon’s Damage. When the last digit is 0, as in 10 or 20, it counts as 10.

Example: The Attack is 12 against Defense 6, Damage 2. The black die comes up 3 and the white one 11. The black die missed, by being lower than the target’s Defense. Its last (and only) digit, a 3, is added to the weapon’s Damage of 2, for a total of 5.

If both dice hit, twice the difference between them is added to the weapon’s Damage. If the difference is 10 or greater, it counts as 20.

Example: Attack 15 vs Defense 5, Damage 3. The roll comes up 10 Black, 6 White. Both dice hit, and the difference between them is 4 (10-6). The Damage is 11 (3+4+4).


For Coverage 1-19, check the white die of the attack roll against Coverage. If the white die is higher, the attack bypasses the armor. For this comparison, the white die does not have to be successful to count. An armor with Coverage 20 is completely sealed; it always protects. If the armor is struck, reduce the incoming Damage by the Armor's Protection.


If a character receives Damage 11, mark the circle by “11” in the Wounds section of the character sheet. If the circle is already filled from a previous Wound, mark the nearest empty circle above it instead. Wounds higher than your Toughness means you're incapacitated.

After the battle, mark the circle above your most severe Wound. If a Wound is more than 5 circles above your Toughness, you’re dead. Some groups prefer to play without the Aftermath rules, allowing all characters to be resuscitated. Make sure the group’s on the same page before the game starts.


Every group needs to agree on the recovery rate. While it can be argued that one roll every month is quite realistic, this is often shortened to once a week or even after each good night's sleep. Recovery rolls are made using your Toughness. * If the roll fails, you do not heal this time. * If the roll succeeds, lower your highest Wound by the result. Any other Wounds along the way are healed.

Example: A character with Toughness 8 has suffered a 6 and a 7 Wound. The Recovery roll is Black 11, White 4; that is 4 Success. The 7 Wound is lowered to a 3 (7-4), and the 6 Wound along the way is removed.

Using Medicine

The Medicine roll assumes the physician has decent instruments and relative peace and quiet. Bonus for better equipment, penalties for improvised tools. If you've received medical attention, add the highest successful Medicine result to your Toughness in your next Recovery roll.

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