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======Equipment====== There are three types of equipment: Weapons, Armor and Gear. Then there's extra stuff you put in your bags or happen to pick up along the way, but unless it belongs to one of the big three, the only rule that applies is it has to make sense to the GM that you have it. The lists of [[Tables|Weapons and Armor]] are specific to the setting. Feel free to modify and expand them as you see fit. =====Weapons===== The weapons table has four columns: Attack, Defense, Damage and Special. Write down the names of the weapons your character has access to on the character sheet. The numbers from the weapons table are modified based on the character's attributes: * For melee weapons, add the **Melee** attribute to **Attack** and **Defense**. Add the character’s Damage modifier to **Damage**. * For ranged weapons, add the **Ranged** attribute to **Attack** and **Defense**. Use the **Damage** from the weapons table. The weapons table shows the stats of each weapon when used by a typical soldier or law-enforcement officer, defined in this system as **Melee and Ranged 0**. For an NPC with comparable skills, just use the numbers in the equipment list. From there, add or remove as needed. A bunch of thugs might have a -1 to Attack and Defense, whereas an elite unit might have a +1. The **Special** column covers all other properties of the weapon, for example **2H** for weapons that require both hands, or **AP** for armor piercing. Each setting-specific list of weapons and armors has a corresponding list of such special rules. =====Armor===== An armor has Coverage and Protection. Coverage, rated 1-20, measures how much of your body is covered. Protection rates how well the armor protects when struck. Some types of armor can be concealed, others may slow you down. =====Gear===== The tools of your trade; the doctor's bag, the case of lock picks, the scissors, needle, thread and some patches of cloth. Included in a Background is the (optional) carrying of the items required to practice it - unless they qualify as military weapons or armor. If you have the Carpenter Background, you may choose to have your working knife, a small hammer and some nails handy. Note that this does not override any legal aspects or security measures in the setting.

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