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The character's Traits are written in the Traits section on the character sheet, followed by their cost.

Trait limitations

It is recommended that characters have no more than a tenth of their total points from negative Traits (rounded up). For example, a character with a total of 45 points should not have more than -5 points worth of negative Traits.

Positive Traits

Ambidexterity +1

This Trait negates the -2 penalty for using a non-dominant hand.

Beauty +1

You look great. People are generally more inclined to like you at first glance, but on the other hand you're more likely to be recognized.

Bland +1

You have very few distinguishing features, making it extremely hard for witnesses to describe or point you out in a crowd or a lineup.

Contact +1 to +3

You know someone who might be able to help you out at times, if it's not too risky. Each such contact is purchased as a separate Trait. The cost is determined by that person's skill, influence and loyalty to you. Remember, however, that friendship is a two-way street. Your contacts might call in a few favors now and then.

  • +1: Someone who's reasonably well-connected or skilled; a shady dealer who can get rid of stolen goods for you, or a lawman you could call to help you out of some uncomfortable situations.
  • +2: Someone quite important in their context, like the chief physician at a hospital, the leader of a powerful street-gang, or a respectable diplomat.
  • An additional +1: This is not just someone you know, it's a close friend: someone you'd take great risks for, and who'd do the same for you.
Eidetic Memory +1

You can rapidly memorize and instantly recall numbers, dates, short texts, faces, maps and such.

Sense of Orientation +1

You are far less likely to lose your way, perhaps due to an intuitive sense of the cardinal directions, or remarkable spatial recognition.

Sense of Time +1

You always seem to know roughly what time it is, and you're able to calculate how long something should take. Examples include the time it takes for opponents to reload, and at what time one is likely to arrive at a given location.

Neutral Traits


Your face and body carry the marks of many battles. This gives you respect among some, while it could alienate others. +2 to intimidation rolls, and an occasional -2 to social interactions with the faint of heart. People don't forget your face.

Negative Traits

Addiction -1 to -2
  • -1: Constant use of a legal substance, to a point at which it becomes a nuisance to yourself and the other characters. Examples include constant smoking or getting drunk every night (and hung-over in the morning).
  • -2: Frequent use of an illegal substance, which must be acquired, smuggled through customs and hidden from the law at all times. If you do not get your kicks at least once a week, the hunger for it will increase with every day, until it makes you disregard everything else.
Clumsy -3

In everything you do, there seems to be a small but crucial detail that you forget, or just mess up. Perhaps it's just bad luck. Either way, a roll with a Black 19 counts as a Black 20; you fail, regardless of all skill.

Coward -2

Choosing a dangerous option when there seems to be a less risky solution requires a Willpower Roll. Less risky options include surrendering, hiding, running away from the battle or just not jumping over that gaping chasm (at least not right now). If you Willpower is higher than 8, you may not take this Trait. It must be bought off before Willpower can be increased above 8.

Combat Paralysis -3

Whether a result of a sheltered childhood, strictly non-violent moral standards or lacking courage, in each combat a Willpower-test must be passed before you are able to act. Each attempt takes one full Turn.

Compulsive Behavior -1 to -2

Impulses, rituals or tics. For example: kleptomania, obsessive cleanliness or coprolalia.

  • -1: A disturbing habit, like spitting every 2 minutes or always repeating the last few words of every sentence. It won't take long before people begin to wonder what's wrong with you.
  • -2: These are behaviors that significantly impair your interaction with the world or are very likely to get you into trouble.
Dark Secret -1 to -2

Everyone has them: Those dirty little secret that you'd rather not have anyone know about. Perhaps your family tree is just a little bit too tangled, or maybe you've been a member of a secret cult that sacrificed live animals (or worse) to some dark god. -1 is highly embarrassing; -2 is something that you must keep a secret at all costs: threaten witnesses, steal evidence or murder if you have to.

Delusions -1 to -3

Delusions range from fanaticism to paranoia or hypochondria - some can be quite imaginative. Remember, though, that what constitutes a “delusion” is relative to the culture one inhabits. The number of Points awarded, as usual, is in direct proportion to how inconveniencing the delusion is to the character. Examples: The firm belief that all water is toxic or that good always triumphs no matter the odds.

Duties -1

A day-job, a family to look after, a garden that must be tended to - whatever the reason, you cannot simply run off to distant adventures. There are arrangements that must be made first, and even then there may be uncomfortable side-effects to leaving.

Enemy -1 to -3:

Someone has it in for you. The number of Points you get from this one depends on how powerful the enemies are, and how far out of their way they would go to make trouble for you. A -1 enemy will mess with you when the opportunity arises, while a -3 enemy may travel around the world to destroy you in any way possible.

Forgetful -1

Whether you are notoriously absent-minded or just easily distracted, things tend to slip your mind. You will occasionally realize too late that you did not reload after the last firefight, or that you didn't bring that climbing equipment after all.

Gullible -1

There are no disadvantages to this Trait. None whatsoever - it's a free point. Trust me.

Missing limb -2 to -14

A “missing” limb could also be disabled; this Trait simply indicates that the character is unable to use it.

  • -2 Missing one arm
  • -8 Both arms missing (not recommended)
  • -3 per missing leg (mutually exclusive with high Movement)

Each missing (or disabled) limb is a -2 to all Grappling rolls. This Trait must be bought off before a replacement limb begins to function properly.

Mute -2

You cannot speak or produce any audible sounds using your mouth, not even whispering. Persuasion rolls are limited to writing or using your hands.

No Sense of Direction -1

Road signs or a very good map, and even then it's difficult for you. Without either one to help you, you're lost within two minutes outside your own hometown. And sometimes in it.

No Sense of Time -1

What difference does an hour or two make, anyway? Recommended: a career without explosives.

Phobia -1

You have an irrational fear of something. Example include fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), heights (acrophobia), thunderstorms (astraphobia) and water (aquaphobia). You will go to great lengths to avoid what you are afraid of. If it cannot be avoided, you will suffer a -2 to -5 modifier to all rolls, depending on the degree of exposure.

Reduced sense -1 to -11

One or more of your senses doesn't work the way they're supposed to:

  • -1 No sense of Smell. This also means that you have no sense of taste.
  • -1 Reduced Sight / Reduced Hearing; -5 to Perception rolls involving that sense. Negated by glasses or hearing-aid. -2p if you can't fix your problem by using glasses or a hearing-aid.
  • -3 Deaf. No Perception rolls can be made based on sound alone. You can read lips. Worth -4 if you can't read lips.
  • -5 Blind. No Perception rolls can be made based on sight alone. Mutually exclusive with a high Ranged Combat Attribute.
Ugly -1

Whether you were born that way or were injured, people tend to dislike you because of how you look, at least initially. This results in a -2 penalty to social interactions when the subject can see your face. It does not affect intimidation or interrogation.

Unintelligible -1

You cannot speak in a way or in a language that people in general understand, but your voice can still express a sense of urgency and some emotion.

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