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The role-playing system Volt is designed to quickly and accurately determine the outcome of a character's actions, taking both skill and circumstances into account.

This wiki will first introduce the essential rules. Those who want more details can find additional ones in the Advanced section. These optional rules are arranged as non-interdependent packages; pick the ones you like and leave the rest.

5.1 is also available in Swedish.

Change log

If you're already familiar with earlier versions of Volt, here's what's new:

Version 5

  • Attributes have been merged, removed or added to make backgrounds redundant. There's an equivalent in the form of Traits.
  • Stealth and Willpower mechanics have received a major overhaul.
  • The point-buy scale shifts, cutting the number of points to spend in half.
  • Character creation no longer uses derived stats, formulas or tables.
  • The weapons table has four columns instead of six.
  • No weapon requires more than one line in the sheets, and nothing is written within brackets.
  • Armor mechanics have been updated to suit these changes.
  • The new combat system reads Damage directly from the attack, eliminating the need for a separate Damage roll.

Version 5.1

  • The attribute Willpower has been removed. Wounds mechanics have been updated accordingly.
  • Fleshed out mechanics for Stealth.
  • Abstract ammo - no more keeping track of bullets.
  • A modular point-buy system eliminates the need to keep track of in-game money.
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