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 +When assigning points to Armor, check out the cost of each piece of armor you wish to carry, add them all together, and put that many points in Armor.
 +For Arsenal, find the most expensive weapon or attack your character will have and start with that number. Every point you spend beyond that gets you one more weapon (which may not cost more than the first one). For example, carrying three weapons worth 6 each costs 8 points; 6+1+1.
 +The weapons table has four columns. This is a summary of the weapon stats - their use is explained in the [[Combat|next chapter]].
 +For melee weapons, Attack is used like an attribute in attacks. Long and nimble weapons have a good Attack value. In order to hit, an attack must have a higher degree of success than the opponent'​s Defense. Weapons that are good for parrying, like staffs, have a high Defense value.
 +Ranged weapons typically use Attack when fired, but when surprised, the shooter might be limited to the Defense value. Smaller and lighter weapons are less affected by defensive use.
 +The numbers in the weapons table describe how dangerous an average soldier is using that particular weapon and method of attacking. The numbers are modified based on the skill of the person wielding the weapon:
 +  * The Melee attribute is added to the Attack and Defense values of melee weapons.
 +  * The Missile attribute is added to the Attack and Defense values of ranged weapons.
 +  * All weapons have a **Damage**. For melee weapons, the character’s Damage modifier is added to it.
 +  * Ranged weapons also have Range, described in the [[Combat]] section.
 +This makes improvising NPC combat values easy. Select a weapon, and modify its values up or down depending on the combat attributes of the NPC: since most professionals have 0, you can just use the numbers in the equipment list. Civilians might have a -2 in their combat attributes, while an elite unit might have a +2.
 +A lot of weapons have one or several types, which means that special rules may apply to them:
 +  * **P** - Piercing: When resolving the attack, armor counts as 2 points lower. Heavy melee weapons, warhammers and certain firearms or types of ammunition are considered Piercing.
 +  * **M** - Manual: the turn after each attack, the weapon can only fire Defense shots. Single- or pump action guns are Manual.
 +  * **A** - Full Auto: Two separate attacks, against either one or two targets. The second attack has Range 3. If the first shot was Defensive, so is the second one. Any bonus for Aim applies only to the first attack.
 +A machine gun mounted on a bipod or tripod does not suffer the range limitations of A.
 +Each armor is described by Coverage and Protection. Coverage, rated 1-20, determines how much of the wearer’s body is covered by the armor. Protection rates how well the armor protects when struck. The procedure is explained in the [[Combat]] section.
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