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Character Creation

The players each receive a number points, for example 20, to spend on their characters' attributes, traits and equipment.

5.1 Character sheet


To the right of each attribute is a row of squares. Spend one point to fill one area in one square. If a square is divided into two parts then filling that square costs two points. Squares are filled from left to right, and the value of the attribute equals the number printed above the last square to be completely filled. For example, spending 4 points on Missile would give the character Missile 0: not 1.

Attributes normally range from 5 to 12, with 8 (that is 2 points spent) roughly representing what you'd expect from a professional - someone who relies on that ability quite often.

You can also spend points on unlocking Wound levels at the bottom of the sheet, making your character harder to kill. With 0 points spent, the highest Damage that can be tolerated equals 5. A reasonably tough and healthy person has 7 unlocked (2 points).

Three attributes, Stealth, Melee, and Missile, have different scales and start out negative. Professionals typically have 0 in these.

Damage modifier

Stronger characters hit harder. This is represented by a Damage modifier, which corresponds to the number in the leftmost unfilled Strength-box. For example, Strength 5 has -1, and Strength 11 has +1. This modifier is used when writing down any melee weapons the character picks up, as explained in the Equipment section.


Traits describe various positive, negative and neutral aspects of a character that cannot be described by high or low attribute values. The cost of a trait depends on its usefulness. If the trait is an advantage, it has a positive cost stated next to its name. If the trait is a disadvantage, selecting it means the player gains points to spend on other things; its cost is negative.


Points can also be spent improving your Armor and your Arsenal. The GM sets the tech-level; the more advanced technology is available in the setting, the more points should be spent on these two categories. Write down how many points you've assigned to each category within the brackets by the Armor and Arsenal headers.

Lists of hardware (and how to write them down on the character sheet) are explained in the Equipment section.

For purposes of assigning points to Armor, check out the cost of each piece of armor you wish to carry, add them all together, and assign that many points to Armor.

For Arsenal, find the most expensive weapon or attack your character has and start with its cost. Each point you spend beyond that gets you another weapon of up to the same cost. For example, carrying two cost 4 weapons costs 5 points.

In addition to Armor and Arsenal, the character will probably want to put a few points in Gear. The easiest way to do this is to buy premade gear packages, like a “medic pack”, for one point each. At a later stage, we'll include tables for compiling your own packages.


It is customary to award additional points during campaigns. The GM decides what rate of progression, if any, is appropriate for the campaign. One point after each session is generous, one for every two or three sessions is more common. These points are spent in the same fashion as the ones used in character creation.

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