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Ranged combat modifiers

There are factors which may affect the value of a Ranged attack. These are a few examples:

  • +5 Shooting range or hunting for sport
  • +2 The enemy seems unaware of the shooter's location, or unable to retaliate.
  • -2 Reduced visibility (fog, gloom, blinded by light)
  • -5 Blind Fire (the shooter knows roughly where the target is, but can't see it – can never be Aimed)
  • -5 Extreme range (firing at one Range higher than the weapon's Range)

Target Size

  • +2 Car (visible area = human x4)
  • +1 Horse (human x2)
  • ±0 Standing human, no cover
  • -1 Crouching enemy, dog (human/2)
  • -2 Prone enemy, tire (human/4)
  • -3 Head and some shoulders, hare (human/8)
  • -4 Most of the head (human/16)
  • -5 Lookout, small portion of head, grapefruit (human/32)

Target Motion

  • -1 Moving: 1-4 m/s (walking, jogging, or movement of any speed straight towards or away from the shooter)
  • -2 Fast-moving: 5-15 m/s (running)
  • -3 Irregular movements or very fast-moving vehicle: >15m/s
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