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 +//**This is an older version of Volt. The latest version can be found [[en5.1:​start|here]].**//​
 +====== VOLT ======
 +The role-playing system Volt is designed to quickly and accurately determine the outcome of a character'​s actions, taking both skill and circumstances into account.
 +This wiki will first introduce the essential rules. Those who want more details can find additional ones in the Advanced section. These optional rules are arranged as non-interdependent packages; pick the ones you like and leave the rest.
 +===== Version 4.0 =====
 +If you are familiar with the previous versions of Volt, issue 4.0 cuts the number of Attributes in half, putting more emphasis on Backgrounds. Damage and armor have new, faster mechanics, which are not compatible with version 3.x weapons tables (that'​s why the first version number shifts to 4). The result is arguably the most user friendly implementation of the system so far.
 +//4.0 is also available in [[sv4.0:​start|Swedish]].//​
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